Book Review: #wycwyc

While I love books, I don’t often get excited for them before they are even published. For years now I have been following Roni Noone and her journey to healthy living and a balanced lifestyle. She inspires people to be a slightly better version of themselves by making small changes on a regular basis.  She coined her method of doing this “wycwyc” which means “what you can when you can”. I find that this way of living meshes very well with my life and philosophy.  Shortly here the book that Roni and Carla (another great healthy living blogger) wrote about wycwycing will be release to the public.  I already have mine pre-ordered!

Book Review: #SoftSkills

A few weeks back I came across a book called Soft Skills.  I’m a sucker for these kinds of books and before I realized what I was doing I had splurged and purchased it.  It is a fantastic book by John Sonmez of Simple Programmer.  With these kinds of books I usually skip around reading what interests me that day.  I make a note on the chapter to indicate that I have already read it.  After a week when flipping through it to find an unread chapter I realized that I was already more than half done with it, which is impressive since it is a 500+ page book.  It is very refreshing to read a book like this that talks to me as an in-the-trenches software developer with no aspirations to become great.  So many of these books talk about how to become an expert in your career and take things to the next level.  This book has some of that but more of it is just tips and tricks on how I can refine what I am doing now to be just that little bit better than I was before.  It’s definitely worth picking up a copy.