My name is Amy Patterson. I am a software developer with more than 15 years of experience. The first part of my career was all Windows Forms development for a variety of companies. For the last few years it has been primarily web development in the Microsoft world using MVC. Over the years I have transitioned to work on teams that allow me to work remotely full time.

The purpose of this blog is to be able to “Google my brain. ~ Scott Hanselman” when I no longer remember how I did something. When I turn to Google for an answer to a question and it takes me more than a few minutes to figure out the answer or when the answers I find to my question are not clear, I post it here. It’s a great way to remember the little details that I don’t necessarily use on a regular basis but never want to forget. Also, when I am researching new topics and want to remember the websites that I used to learn them. Then there are the fun quotes that I find and want to remember.

You can contact me at amymarie3@gmail.com

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