SQL Tips n Tricks: CHARINDEX Transact-SQL

I was looking at some code generated by the compiler for an IQueryable that I created and found this built-in function that I’ve never used before.  I can see it being very useful when doing string compares.

Is a character expression that contains the sequence to be found. expressionToFind is limited to 8000 characters.

Is a character expression to be searched.

Is an integer or bigint expression at which the search starts. If start_location is not specified, is a negative number, or is 0, the search starts at the beginning of expressionToSearch.

If either expressionToFind or expressionToSearch is of a Unicode data type (nvarchar or nchar) and the other is not, the other is converted to a Unicode data type. CHARINDEX cannot be used with textntext, and image data types.

via CHARINDEX Transact-SQL.

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