JIRA: Show @Mentions Feed

During the regular process of working on tickets people will use @mention to alert me when there is a question or something I need to know.  I get emails with this in it but was looking for a way to use JIRA to find them.  I found the following two articles that when combined together gave me the basics of what I need.

First JIRA Advanced Search capabilities are very strong.  I used this article to set up a new filter for the mentions.

Then in this article I got the following query that works fairly good to get a list of the mentions.  It shows me all tickets updated in the last 7 days that I have ever been mentioned in.

(text ~ currentUser()) AND updatedDate >= -7d ORDER BY updated DESC

So I tweaked it to only show tickets with new comments added in the last 7 days instead. This article got me this query.

text ~ currentUser() AND issueFunction in commented("after -7d") ORDER BY updated DESC

It still isn’t exactly what I want but is closer to what I need. It will do for now.



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