#WebEssentials & Zen Coding

One of the plug-ins that I use the most in Visual Studio is Web Essentials.  It has a large set of features designed to make life easier for developers to get their jobs done.   Today I read the article by Visual Studio Time Saver – Faster HTML Coding by Susan Ibach where she talks about the Zen Coding feature in Web Essentials.  For as many years I have used Web Essentials this is not a feature that I am familiar with.  It’s incredible!  Here is a list of links to different places to get additional information on Web Essentials and tips on how to use Zen Coding.

As a bonus check out vstips in Twitter.  There some great suggestions in there for making Visual Studio easier to use.

Here is a link to the video Susan referenced that shows how to use the Zen Coding functionality.

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