OSS University

Open Source SocietyMy day job is as a software engineer building websites.  I’ve been building software for 15+ years and am always looking at ways to upgrade my skills.  Yesterday I came across this great site that has gathered together free resources that people can use to get themselves a Computer Science education without enrolling in college.  It’s a great resource for people who want to dip their toes in, or to refresh their skills without going back to school.  It would be a wonderful path for a teenager who wants to get started on a solid path for a CS degree.

This is a solid path for those of you who want to complete a Computer Science course on your own time, for free, with courses from the best universities in the World.

In the future, more categories and/or courses will be added to this list or a more advanced/specialized list.

Initially, we will also give preference to MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) type of courses because those courses were created with our style of learning in mind.

~ OSS University

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